Premium quality low-fat white rabbit meat

Our rabbit business thrives on the out-growers model where we capacitate our rabbit farmers by providing better rabbit breeds, breeding training, and establishing mini breeding centers. With funding, we will organize our rabbit farmers in a rabbit cooperative where we will provide extension services like medical insurance using rabbits

Current Capacity:

We have over 10,000 mobilized rabbit farmers, and we currently have 2,000 registered active rabbit farmers in the Kigezi region, each farmer has an average of 20 rabbits that are readily available for sale. With our collection center at Namangu Investment, we can house over 5000 rabbits at Ntugamo with another collection and proposed processing center to be set up around Kampala where a place has already been secured in Seeta. We also have a truck to bring rabbits from our collection center ntugamo to Kampala and a distribution pick up van

Impact: Jobs-

In addition to the formal jobs, over 2,000 rabbit, farmers will benefit by selling rabbits.

We have trained and supported 20 youth to add value to rabbit meat in Kabale by selling roasted rabbit meat, and have given rabbit breeds and breeding training to our 2,000 registered farmers. We have set up 10 mini breeding centers in communities where our registered farmers are. Eating rabbit meat has reduced protein-related childhood malnutrition, and has also improved family income in Kigezi.


“BUILD POVERTY FREE COMMUNITIE” Building economically empowered communities by connecting people to sustainable business ideas for growth

Namangu Investments is an Agribusiness Company that started informally in 2010 and was formally registered in 2015; starting as small business dealing in rabbit farming, agro forestry, chicken rearing, and food produce. In 2016 Namangu scaled up venturing into Agribusiness Innovation, research, supplies of agricultural inputs to organized farmer groups in South Western region, West Nile Region and Bunyoro Region using out grower model. The west Nile region focuses on Cassava growing and processing, the Bunyoro Region on maize and agro forestry, Kigezi region on rabbit breeding and Ntungamo District on Coffee farming.

We have provided a series of consultancy services to various clients micro, small and medium enterprises.

  • Through our subsidiary of Namangu Hub Business Incubation Clinic, we have partnered with many business enterprises including commercial institutions offering technical support and supervision and mentoring in business management, financial literacy, digital literacy, VSLA, borrowing and ensuring proper linkages of business to government to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory aspects in Uganda.
  • We have worked with other consortiums before in the delivery of effective trainings in financial and digital literacy to different segments of the Ugandan population. Through the consortium model, Namangu Investments Ltd works with various partners in order to improve the livelihoods of people in different settings.
  • Specifically, we work with two organizations in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Isingiro District. These organizations are, Now and Tomorrow Uganda Ltd and UNLEASH (Potentials in Motion). In Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, Kyegegwa District, we work with Youth Initiative for Development in Africa (YIDA). These are very strategic partners who have been engaged in training refugees and host communities in various livelihood initiatives including financial and digital literacy through BDS programmes. Through the Hub, these partners have been able to operate and enforce the laws, policies and regulations that govern the environment those refugees live in.
  • We have training facilities I Kabale that can accommodate up to 40 people with video conferencing facilities and high speed fibre optic internet connections. We also train youth and mentor them from startup to growth. These facilities are also available to train women entrepreneurs




  • We thrive on our Rabbit Farmers Out-grower Model.
  • We have 10 mini breeding centers in our farmers community.
  • With over 2,000 registered active farmers.
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Ronald Tumusiime

12 years experience in Financial management and business admin
Finance Manager

Martin Ngabirano

20 Years in Finance and Rabbit farming
Team leader

Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo

25 years experience in medical and business development

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